Supply - Manufacturing

Every kind of oil, fuel, air, water, hydraulic and separator filters supply and manufacturing is done as fast as possible.

Injector Pipes

Supply - Manufacturing

In our company; injector pipes, hydraulic hoses, fuel pipes are manufactured with caution.
Injector Pipes
  1. Workshop Facility
  2. Sale Services
  3. Ship Management


Our workshop lathe and milling cutter works, fuel pipes, hydraulic hoses,single-walled injector pipes,double-walled injector pipes, custom manufacturing can be done according to the sample.

At the same time, engine maintenance, repairing work are carried out in our workshop.




In our  Store any type of filter manufacturing and repair is carried out as fast as possible.

Also we serve our customers manufacturing and supplying of hatch cover parts and compansators.

Gemi İşletmeciliği

Our company has stepped into the ship management industry in 2009, continues to grow up with enterprises.

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